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About Us

Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for our client
If you have a question about your case or someone else's case, there is no charge to talk to someone in our office.
We believe that immediate access to legal representation is critical. To facilitate that need Mr. Slocombe's cell-phone number is (231) 995-9500 and if your need is urgent, he encourages you to call.
Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients. We believe that it is essential to know and understand the client and their case in order to create the most effective strategy. This is done through meeting with the client to determine the facts of the case. Since we specialize in Criminal Defense, we then apply these facts to the law and the legal system to determine the best alternatives. Preparations need to be extensive and complete at each stage of the proceedings, from the investigation and charging to the jury trial and sentencing if necessary. We believe that by being proactive, if a plea is necessary, to make an offer instead of letting the prosecution control the offer and if there is sentencing, to make reasonable alternatives available to the judge instead of relying on a probation officer and the prosecution to determine what happens.

Jeffrey Slocombe (P44704)


  • Michigan Department of Attorney General 
  • Prosecuting Attorney Appellate Service
  • Prosecuting Attorney & Litigation Experience 
  • 30+ years of experience

Samara Slocombe (P86044)


Specializing in family law matters both pre and post-judgment. 

Certified Domestic Relations Mediator

Please call or text 231-271-1122


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